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How many types of Satta king games? Complete Infoormation 2023

Posted on : Jan 24

Satta king games are various games that promising players to bid on one number from 1 to 99 and give reward money which can be upto 100 times of amount of bid amount , One thing to note various games publish various results which are published on different time . There are many famous games which are being played from last 30+ years , in These game disawar satta and gali satta are the most popular one.

To check complete list of games which includes gwalior satta , delhi bazar satta , shree ganesh satta , noida bazar satta , faridabad satta , gaziabad satta , uttarkashi results and full year chart of other games result click here

To bid these number bidders need to find a person who is connected to the game network and give bid amount to that person and then bid is being placed . bidder wait for the results to be published next day. if Result published will be same as bid placed then bidder is eligible to get reward money.

These games are illegal to play in most part of India but there was a purposal from Goa minister who wanted to legalise the game so that government can control these games.
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