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Satta king (satta ,matka Game ) in India (Info)

Posted on : Dec 14

Satta king (sattaking or matka) is a game of chance that is popular in India. It is played by betting on the result of the a game which is decided by unknown, and it is illegal in many parts of the country.

The game starts with a player betting on numbers from 1 to 99 where one number will be revealed by game owner which is unknown . The betting money flows via peoples in network called “Khaiwal”.

The Network of khailwal’s collects money from bidders and sends to another khaiwal who are upper in position. The bidder get reward money which usually from 95 times of the money he bid on number. depends on some rules which is if you play for exact number of just one number of house. reward on house bid is relatively less which usually 9 times. There are some popular games which are disawer , faridabad , sadar bazar , gali where results are told by the network next day, there are information which is form of chart are distributed which can be found by googling satta king chart 2021 where you can find result for specific game results of 365 days of year 2021 . These games are illegal to play in some parts of India so avoid playing these games if sattaking game play is illegal in your state. there also have fear of loosing money which you earned by hard work. usually low income people are habitual to play these games. but most of them ended up loosing money. Better stay away from it

Satta king is played by betting on the result of the Indian national lottery, which means that players are gambling against themselves to win more money than they put into it. But there are some risks involved with this game as well, such as being arrested for playing or having your winnings confiscated if you're caught breaking a law like gambling on sattaking.

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